Staffan Taylor encourages people to follow their dreams, and believes that the will to succeed needs to be greater than the fear of failure. Regardless of what “the dream” may be to each member of the audience, the focus of the message is that creating a change takes courage, and you can achieve it by putting the fear aside, being in the workplace, at school, or even at home.

At Malou After Ten (Swedish TV Show), he challenged the audience to go after what they want wholeheartedly, even if it feels scary. Staffan himself went through a challenging moment during his school period, but followed his heart to turn the situation around and is today one of Sweden’s most booked young lecturers.

Staffan is a natural cheerleader and is an inspiration for people to lift each other up, which he was praised for when he became a finalist in the Night Angel of the Year. for his work in being a voice against bullying and spreading positive messages on his social media.